First time at a Modeling Agency

Hey everyone!

So this week has been definitely been a very busy one! However, unusually I had a tuesday off. Anyways I decided to take that free day and go up to LA to visit some modeling Agencies. This was a huge moment in my modeling career. There is nothing like the feeling of experiencing something for the first time, this is no exception.

Early afternoon my friend Melissa and I decided to head up to L.A. and visit two agencies; Nous Model Management and Vision Los Angeles. From where I live in San Diego it's only about 1hr 30min away and we arrived in great time. The whole way up there Melissa and I were finding ways to keep our minds occupied so that we wouldn't be a bundle of nerves. Melissa had been to a couple open calls before so she knew what to expect, I however, had not been.

I am fresh into modeling so this was all new to me. I definitely felt my self getting more nervous the closer we got to the agency.We got to the agency is great time, walked somewhere to change into more open call appropriate clothing and then made our way to the first agency, Nous Model Management, with our game faces on.

So this is how it went: 1st we were told to have a seat and wait for someone to come in and take our digitals/portfolios to the agents to review. When the woman came into get our pictures Melissa had just went to the restroom, so I was the only one she gathered pictures from at that moment. She asked me three questions before leaving to taking it back to the agents; 1. How old are you? 2. How tall are you? 3. Where do you live?

About 7 minutes later she came back into the room and handed me my portfolio. She then told me "Unfortunately, your are not what we are looking for. Your digitals are really really good though!" She then handed me a sheet of paper with a list of other modeling agencies that would be great to visit and then turned to Melissa took her photos and left the room to review them with the agents. 7 min later she returned and delivered the same disappointing news to her. Now at this point neither of us were saddened, actually we were in a great mood, because we understand that we will hear "No" a lot more then "Yes".

Before the woman left the room I asked her if she had any comments/suggestions/advice that she'd like to share. She told us we had really great looks however we were just a little too tall for their agency.

I guess their agency is more commercial modeling oriented or as she stated "E-commerce" and they usually hone in on the models who are 5'9" and as she said more "relatable" in that sense. This was a little weird to hear that I was too tall to model for them. I am 5'11" and  Melissa is 5'10" so that was bizarre, especially because on their website it says women who are 5'8"- 5'11". She gave us good advice though and told us that agencies that work with models our height are Photogenics and LA models. She also told us that in New York we would do well. The No's were not exactly what we wanted to hear but we left the agency in stride!

We then decided to head over to Vision Los Angeles that was about 14 minutes away from Nous Model Management. The routine of the open call was very similar at this agency to the last. A man came over took our books went back to review them with a couple agents. He came back a little later and delivered some more disappointing news. We asked him for some comments/suggestions/advice as well and he gave us a more generic response. The whole "you guys are great, just keep working and building your portfolio, etc." then he gave us a sheet with more agencies on it. 

After that the open calls at most agencies were coming to an end so we decided to head on back to San Diego. Before we made it home however we stopped to grab a drink and some sushi and then headed back home.

So all in all my first experience at a modeling agency was good. I did not get signed but I got some valuable information and I am looking forward to more visits up to LA and agencies. For all my aspiring models here are some tips for you all when you go to an agency!

  1. Research the agencies your going to. So you will know what they are looking for and what type of agency they are.
  2. Also make sure the model agency is reputable. has a list of agencies around the world.
  3.  Bring digitals with you! A portfolio isn't necessary because agencies will help you build that. But digitals/polaroids is a link with more info :)
  4. Wear something that is simple and doesn't hide your body. What I wore was black skinny jeans and a simple tank top, also bring heels.
  5. Prepare to hear NO and hear it fast lol so have some thick skin and back up agencies you want to visit, so that your day isn't waisted.
  6. Wear very simple makeup (or none) and hair, they want to see your natural beauty
  7. BE YOURSELF, show that awesome personality!
  8. and last but not least, have fun!

I hope you enjoyed reading my experience and my tips. Stay tuned because I will be sharing a Vlog of my journey that day to give you more insight. Go subscribe to my youtube channel. Remember! you are beautiful and don't forget that.

- Amber Rosario