Book suggestion for aspiring models

About a month ago one of my old high school friends asked me about my modeling career and shared with me that she is trying to get into modeling as well. She told me the steps she was taking and other advice, among her advice and suggestions she suggested a book that all aspiring models must read! It is called "The Model's Bible" by R.C. Lane. The book is described as " An honest, positive, and motivational guide to making your modeling dreams come true."

I just started reading this book a couple weeks ago and I must say it is a great read! It is really informative, and easy to understand. I am only on chapter 5 and I already love it. As a aspiring model, especially if your are an unsigned model, it is hard to know much about the industry besides what you see on the internet and America's Next Time Model. So this is a great tool, and I can't believe I didn't read this already. I think this is going to be super informative and I will share what I think overall when I have read the whole book.

You can all thank my friend Melissa for this suggestion! Stay tuned and check the book out.

       - Amber Rosario