Websites Track and Field Athletes should know about!

Finally! Here is master list (links included) of my favorite Track and Field related websites. These are all sites that have come in handy for me and hopefully they will for you. This list is mainly geared toward US Track and Field athletes but a lot of sites on the list are useful to Trackletes around the World.

Meet Registration

1. Direct Athletics - This is my go to site to enter into meets. However, this site can also be used to look up meets, meet results, rankings, data, event and meet management and a lot more. It is a good site for k-12  through pro.

2. Meet Register (High School) - This site is quite similar to Direct Athletics, but it has a lot more emphasis on high school/youth athletes. 

3. - same as the other two.

Meet Results

1. TFRRS - Track and Field Result Reporting System (College) - If you are in college TFRRS has all the info you need on meet results and overall team/athlete rankings from NCAA to NAIA.

2. Athletic.Net - is also a great place to look up your whole track and field results history. Great for all levels of Track.

3. Flash Results & Flash Results West - Also, two good meet result sites. They mainly have results for the major collegiate and elite/world meets.

Track and Field Info

1. USATF - there is so much track info and resources here for you if you are a Tracklete in the USA, especially Youth, Elite, Club and Masters athletes.

2. IAAF - International Association of Athletics Federations-  If you want to run after college and on the international professional level you have to do your IAAF homework. They make a lot of the rules that govern the sport.

3. Runnerspace and Dyestat Pro - I mainly use this site to find videos of my races, but these both have all the updates, articles, videos, stats, results of the track world.

4. Track and Field News - the magazine's webiste! As it says it's the Track and Field Bible since 1948, there is so much track information it's amazing.

5. Flo Track - great site to watch big meets live

6. Athletics Weekly - get all updates and info for Track around the world.

7. World Masters Athletics - great site for Masters athletes, to keep up to date with info and what's going on in Track.

Track and Field Supplies

1.  VS Athletics and Everything Track and Field- everyone involved in Track and Field can find pretty much what they need on these sites. Uniforms, Spikes, Hurdles, Wind Gauges, etc.

2. - Similar to the other two, this site sells equipment too, but it also sales super cool Track Nation apparel.

4. EastBay - is one of the best places to get spikes for a good price, because we all know that can be hard to find.

High School

1.  MaxPreps - has info and stats on all high school sports, you can even find photos, videos and articles on it.

2. Mile Split USA - a great results and ranking site for high school.

3. - I wish I had this site when I was in high school, it is a great recourse for high school athletes to learn about, obtain, and position themselves for athletic college scholarships.

Apps /Social Media/ Hidden Gems

1. The Starter App - if your coach forgets their starting gun no worries, Track Pro Sirena Alise created a cool starting gun simulator that has honestly saved a lot of practices. 

2. Coach Up - the app/website are a great way for athletes to find credible private coaches in their area. 

3. Complete Track and Field YouTube and Blog - the blog and the videos both do a great job at breaking down training and technique of multiple events.

4. Athletes to Careers - A2C is a great organization that helps athletes transition from the world of sports to the more common career field.

5. IAAF Youtube and Holla Atcha Boy youtube series - both channels share great track related videos, races and behind the scenes looks at the athletes of the T&F world.

I hope these sites helped some of you, if you have any sites that you love please share in the comments.

- Amber