Recap: Outdoor Season Commence! | Rossi Relays

I am quite happy to say that Saturday signified the start of Outdoor Track and Field, my preferred Track season.  For those who don't know the difference between Indoor and Outdoor…Indoor is literally run indoors; and due to the size of most indoor tracks, many of the races are shorter distance.

Saturday was just an all around great day for Outdoor to start, and it started on a great note performance wise at Rossi Relays.

The weather was perfectly warm, my race was mid day so I had time to mentally prepare and get to the meet, and the extreme soreness I was feeling all week finally started to subside.

My race was 2:45 pm and I arrived to the meet precisely and hour before I ran. Rule of thumb, give yourself at least an hour (or more) before the meet to warm up. Generally, no good races come from a rushed warm up.

When I arrived to the meet I ran into my teammates, Sirena Alise and Scout Bassett. They were both just getting ready to run the 100 meters. They both had great opening races, running not too far off their personal bests, which got me pumped for my race.

I checked in for my race and started to warm up. The warm up went well and my quads that had been tight started to loosen up. My drills also felt great, I felt quite sharp.

After 17 heats of the 100 meters, yes 17, it was time for the 100 meter hurdles. Sirena and I, were both in the 1st heat and right next to each other. This ended up being great because we pushed each other in our 1st 100-meter hurdle race of the season.

Rossi Relays

Racing Rossi 2016

Posted by Sirenas World on Monday, February 29, 2016

As you can see in the video above we both got out well, but I felt as if I lost momentum coming off of hurdle number 1. After that however, I did keep a good pace and finished the race 2nd.

Sirena and I were both so excited with how this opener went. We both ran our fastest ever Outdoor opening hurdle time. I never opened as low as a 14.04, and I felt like I could have run faster.

Overall, I am really happy with this race and I truly cannot wait to see what the rest of this season brings. I have a feeling it is going to be a fast one!

Race Results

100m hurdles- 14.04