Recap: 1st Meet of The Season | NAU

This past weekend was my 1st official meet of the 2016 season, and boy was it a great way to start off my season.

Early Friday morning, my training partner Sirena and I hopped in a car to head to Flagstaff, Arizona. What’s in Arizona? You ask… Well my 1st indoor track meet.

The drive was long, but not completely miserable. The sights were beautiful and it was nice to see so much snow on the ground.

We both ran the 60 meters hurdles at Northern Arizona University’s Mountain T’s Invitational.  We arrived in Flagstaff around 1 pm, with just enough time to have a shake out and a few starts at the indoor track.


Being able to get on the track was great, especially since we aren’t used to training in altitude or on an indoor track. I felt great that day, minus a little tightness in my leg from a new drill at practice this past week.

After our shake out we went back to our room, rolled our legs out and ice-bathed. Even though the Ice-bathing was brutal, I am happy we actually did it, because I can’t image what would have felt like if I didn’t.

The next day came quick and we rushed over to the Indoor Skydome where we were racing. We warmed up on the busy track, checked in and before you know it our race was about to go off.

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My leg did feel tight before my race, but I still felt fast during warm up, so I tried not to worry and just focus on my race.

The 60meter hurdles had two rounds and thankfully I made it to the second round.

This is how my 1st round went down: I got out the blocks very well, however my lead leg was a little low approaching the 1st hurdle and I hit it. Luckily, I had enough momentum for it not to completely through my race off.

I was happy about this race because I often struggle running 60m hurdles because the rest of my race gets going after hurdle 4. This was my 1st indoor meet in 2 years and I opened up around my previous P.R. of 8.80secs with a time of 8.86 secs even though I hit the 1st hurdle very hard.

The 2nd round went like this: I got out decent but again I hit the 1st hurdle. This time my lead leg came down on the top of the hurdle. I think I am getting faster and stronger so my body is trying to negotiate the 1st hurdle. Regardless, I am content to have made it to the 2nd round and to have ran 8.94.

Content I was, and after the meet we got some delicious food and trekked back to California on a 7hour drive.

I know after this meet that I am stronger and faster than I ever was and am so excited to see where this season will take me. This week will be an off week and we will resume racing again back at NAU. Keep and out for round 2 of NAU, thanks for reading.

Race Results

Round 1: 8.86s

Round 2: 8.94s