Signed to a NEW AGENCY!!!! SLU Agency


Yes! You read that right, I am now signed to a new agency. I signed with Sports + Lifestyle Unlimited models & talent, SLU for short, almost a month ago. SLU is one of the top sports and lifestyle focused agencies in the country and I couldn't be any more excited to share this new experience with you all. Keep on reading to see just how this came about, and hopefully I'll answer some questions you have.

Q1: What happened with your other agency?

It may sound confusing at first, but I have two agencies. It's actually not uncommon for people to be signed to multiple agencies. The 1st agency I am signed with is Willow Models. Willow was my main agency for almost 2 years. Willow is a Mother Agency, meaning they functions as a normal agency but also work to place their models with bigger agencies. That's what happened with me. They placed me with SLU and the rest is history! Willow is no longer my main agency, they are now officially my Mother Agency and SLU is now my main agency.

Q2: Where is SLU located? 

SLU has multiple locations but the division I work with is the LA location, Hollywood to be exact. They also have their OG office in Portland, Oregon and plan to open up in NY.

Q3: Why SLU?

Willow set up a meeting for me to meet with SLU, but before that, I scoped them out online to see if it would be a good fit. I liked what I saw and went to the meeting the following week. When talking to my agent about placement I made it clear I wanted "an agency who has good communication, willing to work and be understandable about my schedule around track season, be understanding where I live in relation to LA, and promote healthy models." After meeting with SLU, they checked all the boxes and then some. Also, they're one of the top agencies when it comes to fitness and lifestyle modeling and I felt that, that would be a good move in my career.

Q4: Will you only be doing Fitness modeling now?

No, luckily this agency saw that I had potential in different types of modeling and was willing to work with me on that. So, I will still do different types of modeling, however fitness will be more of a focus.

q5: How do you like SLU SO far?

I'm loving it so far! I think this has been a great thing for my modeling career. These past 3 1/2 weeks have been so busy. I've been on so many castings, booked my first job, got asked to test with amazing photographers and am just grinding. So, it's safe to say, so far so good. Also, I love the prospect of being able to model into my 30s. Fitness and lifestyle modeling provide a longevity that other types of modeling just don't, being happy and healthy is a priority. 

Q6: What are your hopes for this new partnership with SLU?

I hope to have a career full of longevity, happiness and progression. I want to really feel at home with this agency and continue to grow as a model. With that growth I want to work more consistently, as well as with bigger brands. Lastly, I wanted to eventually work enough to move to LA.

Digitals taken on my 1st visit


I am so excited for what's to come with this new endeavor and I hope you all are pumped too. Hopefully I answered some questions you may have, Talk to you all soon.


For more behind the scenes check out my Snapchat story from the day I decided to sign below.