10 Modeling Goals for 2016

2015 has been such an amazing 1st year as a model. I want to thank everyone who has supported this sometimes tough journey . What a better way to bring in the New Year than to share my goals as a model for 2016. Have a read and share one of your goals of 2016.


1.     More Networking - 

Networking is an important part of being successful in any aspect of life. I want to be more diligent about networking to help build connections as a model.

2.     Shameless Promotion

It's easy to feel like your an internet nuisance when sharing your work online. However, I am going to make a effort to be seamless and promote myself more, I am my own business after all . Thanks Shameless Maya for the inspiration.

3.     Get into more fitness modeling

I always thought fitness modeling was something I would be good at. I run and model, duh lol. I got to do my 1st big fitness model job this year and now that I have a taste, I want more!

4.     Sign with a bigger Agency

I love my agency, Willow MM, and I want to remain signed with them in 2016. I also want to sign with a bigger agency. There are things bigger agencies can do that smaller ones can't, due to the nature of the size. I simply want to see what experiences being signed with a bigger agency could bring.

5.     Work on the range of my modeling skills

With this 1st year of modeling coming to a close, I have been able to be reflective of my modeling. The goal is to get better at modeling in 2016. I particularly want to work on my runway walk, variety in facial and body posing in photos.

6.     Get published in more print forms of media

I want to do more print work. Print work is not easy but I want to be better at it and be published at least twice in 2016.

7.     Consistently make “Oh so you’re a model” video.

I started my youtube series "Oh so You're a Model ?!" to provide insight and behind the scenes looks at the world of modeling. This is something that I find could be valuable for other models, so I want to consistently post more videos and make them more enjoyable to watch.

8.     Work with bigger clients

It is quite simple really, I want to work with bigger clients. I want to grow as a model and prove that I can hang with the big dogs. Dream clients are: New York and Company, Nike, Aerie, and Neutrogena. 

9.     Book more castings

Castings are a vital way to get jobs as a model. Besides runway castings, in 2015 I think I booked 1 or 2 go-see castings. This is a sad statistic to me and I plan to book more go-see jobs next year.

10. Have more fun

2015 has been such an awesome 1st year as a model. I have had so many unbelievable and memorable experiences. In 2016 I want that to  multiply to an abundance of happiness.


It is important for me to put my goals out there so I have a marker of accomplishments at the end of 2016. Hope you all enjoyed this and Check out my 2016 Running Goals!


What is one of your goals for 2016, comment down below?