Amber's Go to Calming Tools

Now more than ever Life's lack of calm is very hard to ignore, so it is super important that we all have things in life that can restore a sense of calm back into our everyday lives. Today I'm going to share a few of my go to simple tools I use to do just that and what makes them so special is that you can do them all in the comfort of your own space.

Epsom Salt Baths

Number 1 on the list is arguably the most relaxing of them all, The Epsom Salt Bath. Due to the magnesium sulfate crystals, Salt baths are amazing for endless reasons, but I find that I love them because they do a wonder in aiding easing muscle pain and tension headaches. I often get sore muscles from consistent workouts and when I do get headaches they are stress induced. So Epsom Salt Baths have been a god send for me.  I love using salts with various natural scents to them because of the aromatherapeutic benefits of them, my favorite scent so far is classic Lavender. Other great options are the infamous Lush Bath bombs, adding essential oils or apple cider vinegar directly to baths.



Speaking of scents, let's talk about number 2 on my list, Aromatherapy. Without a doubt there can be a connection between scents and how you feel. I have a few main go-to's when it comes to aromatherapy. My favorite ways to spice up the smell of my space are to use a diffuser, incense, and candles. Now, I don't do all three of these at once, that would be sensory overload. I usually do one at a time and to accomplish various things.

During the daytime incense are my go to, to get sh** done. I don't know why but when I light an incense I feel the need to clean my room, clear out my desk, dance around to feel good music and just be productive as f***. Something about the strong smell of the essential oil infused resins make me feel like I got my life together. The same applies for candles, they are so good at setting any mood.

During the evening, when I need to relax or do Yoga, my diffuser is what I use. My go to oil to diffuse is Lavender oil, I love lavender scented things because of so many benefits. The diffuser has an ability to disperse amazing scent around your room and I love the sound of it, it reminds me of a stream of water it's soothing.


Crystals and Gem Stones


Some may find this to be a bunch of mumbo jumbo, but I find great value in stones and their healing properties.

I believe that so many things that naturally come from the earth have beneficial properties. I can go on and on about the healing properties of many gem stones, but I'll briefly share what stones I posses in my space. I use a Pink Himalayan Sea Salt rock candle to clear the negative ions from my space. I love to light it when I am stress or am doing yoga. The combo of that and my diffuser are heaven.

 I have a cluster of stones by the entry of my doorway; Black Tourmaline, Citrine, Rose Quartz, and Aquamarine. The stones vary in their properties for instance; financial security, productivity, calming, and love. Lastly, I keep a Citrine stone right over my bed for prosperity and manifiestation of my dreams!

Thank you all for checking out some of the items I use to create calm in my life. I hope you may fine more calm in 2017 and maybe even incorporate some of these in your life.

What do you use to stay calm?