Cake By the Ocean

I was in a music video!!!

Yes! You read that right, I was in a music video. About 2 months ago I had an awesome honor of being in Joe Jonas's new band's video, called Cake by the Ocean. The band's name is DNCE and their new intro song is such a fun catchy funky tune. So here it is, I wanted to give you all a quick rundown of that day.

Call time started at 6 am that day, unfortunately in this business unnecessarily early call times are quite common. Once I got to the crew parking lot they shuttled us over to the set lot and the location of the video shoot.

On the shuttle ride over to the video location, I met another Amber, Amber Borzotra, who was on Big Brother! For some reason on big jobs, the normal everyday part of me finds it surreal to be among celebrities of any capacity. On the outside I obviously hold it together, I don't want to make people, who have some degree of fame, feel uncomfortable...they're human just like everyone.

Back to that day, after that we head straight to hair and makeup. The look was bronze and beachy, seeing that we were shooting on the beach. They kept my hair in the twist out I arrived in because beach waves is the desired look and with natural hair that's a close enough look. Also, the Director,  Super Model Gigi Hadid, loved my hair that way, so they kept it that way (she's so nice). Although we did end up putting it up into a afro puff due to the super windy weather on the beach.


All photos by Rony Alwin @


After hair and makeup, the other Amber and I went over to the breakfast table and had a delicious egg scramble and fresh pressed juice. I was surprised that they hooked it up with some delicious food to be honest, that's not always the case on shoots. We walked back to where the main models were sitting to eat and converse with the other models. This is where we sat and waited!

We waited for quite some time before we went on set. This is especially common for music videos because they have to film and re-film different parts of the video. Naturally we were in the parts of the music video that were last to film.

While the waiting did suck, I really didn't mind because I got to get to know some awesome people! Some who are internet famous, super models, musicians, awesome directors, etc. It was a good amount of time to network! Luckily the weather was almost perfect that day, minus the wind, and the set well provided tents, food, water and chairs for us all to hang out in (funny how i'm impressed by that). 

We waited for our turn on set and lunch break rolled around at 1pm before we could go on and we joined the extras,crew,stars, etc to some awesome Crafty catered food. After that Gigi and the rest of the directing crew came over and okayed our looks, hair and swim suits (provided by Guess) and all!

All photos by Rony Alwin @

It was about 3:30 pm when we finally got on set. The whole concept of the video was a giant cake fight between Team DNCE, thats us (the main models rocking our Team DNCE shirts above), and social media Comedian The Fat Jewish. While the giant emoji cake fight is going on the band DNCE is playing in the back ground and the fans in the bleachers and sports casters cheer us on.

Here's all the scenes we (the main models) shot: We started by running on to the main stage and hyping up the crowd. Running and jumping up and down in shoes on the beach is a very taxing workout by the way.


All photos by Rony Alwin @


Then we filmed the stretching pre cake fight scene. I found it hard to keep coming up with stretches that looked good and weren't repetitive every time we shot the scene. Next, we did the start line rush towards the cake scene that you see above. As you can see my track and field techniques payed off lol I won.

All photos by Rony Alwin @

I'd guess it's probably around 5:30-6pm when we start the actual cake fighting scenes. This part was the most fun part! As Gigi Hadid directed us to, we got messy and had so much fun!

No, the giant emoji cake was not a real cake! It was a wooden cake shaped frame, filled in with Tempurpedic foam, covered and stuffed with actual cake, iced with whipped and shaving cream and topped with a fake strawberry.

So they filmed us tearing the cake to pieces, which was a child's dream, and then they gave us actual cake and had us each one by one battle it out in a cake dodgeball fight against The Fat Jewish.


All photos by Rony Alwin @


Now around 7:30pm we start filming the final scenes. We crowd around our opponent in a celebratory manner waiting to hear if we won the cake fight battle. And of course we win! After we get the trophy we all celebrate and dance around and then that's when they told some of the models they could leave.

I was one of those models, and I was kind of happy because it was a long day and it was starting to get cold at this point and they only had one or two more scenes to film. After they told a group of us main models we could leave they filmed the scenes were the models are on stage with the band and the band runs into the ocean. So, I didn't miss much.

I headed back over to the crew lot, found my change of clothes hopped in the shower by the beach with a few other models and we wash the cake and sand off of us. We returned our swimsuits and shoes and headed our separate ways, around 8:30pm.


All photos by Rony Alwin @


Although, this was along ass day, I had such a fun time! This was a great first music video for me to be apart of. I hope you all enjoyed this run down of that day. Check out the video below, I actually made it in !!! I can be seen at 1:35, as clear as day. They also got a shot of my the ocean lol. Anyways hope you enjoy.


All photos are courtesy of Rony Alwin @

Credits- Directors: Gigi Hadid and Black Coffee, Music: DNCE, Casting: Dustin Blackburn