The Benefits of Having a Training Partner

This track season, specifically these past couple weeks of the season, really cemented my belief that it is extremely beneficial to be able to workout with someone else who has like-minded goals.

If you’ve ever been on team sport then you know how motivating working out with other people can be. Track and Field is commonly referred to as a individual sport. That means you don’t need to be on a team to compete in this sport.

It's one of the things I love about Track, but it can also be very isolating and detrimental to your overall performance as a runner. Unless you can be on 100 at all times, which is not common.

Of course it is not necessary to have a training partner, but here are 6 suggestions as why you should do so: especially if you are a runner.

1.    Keep each other company: Working out can be lonely. In fact, that is why many people don’t workout. Having someone you can workout with, talk to, laugh with, and just complain about the workout is one of the best parts of having a training partner.

2.     Keep each other accountable: When you train alone it becomes very easy to slack off, it’s okay we all do it. Training with another person allows you to hold each other accountable. Your training partner or group will know what you’re capable of and a good training partner will call you out if you are giving less than your best.

3.     You can coach each other: If you don’t have a coach don’t fret, you and your training partner can function as coaches for one another. There are things you just can’t do by yourself. You can’t effectively: time, motivate, blow a whistle, correct form, etc. all by yourself.

4.     You can take photos/videos of each other: On that note and in this age of social media, using photos and videos to improve your performance as an athlete is important. Your training partner can do that; those videos and photos are great for critiquing form and technique.


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Posted by Sirenas World on Tuesday, December 15, 2015


5.     Cheer each other on: As mentioned before, it is really hard to motivate yourself. Having someone to cheer you on can be the difference between you giving up on your workout and doing your personal best.

6.     Perform better together: Lastly, you perform so much better together. This week my training partner and I were meant to run two 250 meter sprints at 36seconds. However, because we ran together we blew that out the water with times of 31 and 33 seconds. Our strengths balance each other’s weaknesses and push us to push ourselves.

Try and find a training partner or group if you are having trouble consistently working out. I promise you it will become a far better experience, and at least you’ll have someone to dread through the workouts with. Shout out to my training crew; Sirena Alise and Scout Basset, you all are the best.



What’s your favorite part about having a training partner?