10 Running Goals for 2017

2016 was a good season for me. Although I didn't reach every single 2016 goal I had, it was filled with so many achievements and great memories, besides 6/10 goals is pretty good ;). So in a similar vain to the beginning of last season I want to map out my goals for this 2017 track and field season, you may even see some repeating goals.

1.     Clearly map out the direction of my season

This goal was on my list last year and it's back because I have to consciously make an effort to make lists. I always have the map in my mind, but the map doesn't always get executed when I don't write it down. Again, this is as far as schedule, goals, eating healthier, etc. I want to really make an effort to plan out the rest of my season.

2.     Lift more

A month into this season and I am proud to say that I have been lifting consistently. This season I want to make it a point to lift consistently, lift more weight and lift smart to effectively benefit my running.

3.    Defined Abs

This goal is a repeat as well because I've always bounced between average and slightly defined abs. Superficially, I want more defined abs. Physically, I want my core to be strong all the way around. A strong core is so beneficial to running. So the goal is not just to have strong lower abs, but my obliques, back and everything in between. 

4.     Compete outside of the state or country

I'm lucky enough to have many meets around me to compete in throughout the season, however I think that traveling out of the state or even internationally would allow me to compete at a higher level.

5.    Break into 60sec in 400m hurdles

This season I decided to switch my event focus from the 100m hurdles to the 400m hurdles, for to many reasons to explain here. Long story short, I never trained in this event consistently enough to reach my full potential. So, I want to train more efficiently so that I can run a sub 60sec 400 meter hurdle race. There also is an opportunity for me to run for Puerto Rico in international events if I can run 60sec or below.

6.     Practice yoga regularly

This may seem random, but I found that yoga is such a great complimentary exercise for running. It can improve posture, balance, flexibility, and recovery to name a few and all of those benefits are great for running performance. 

7.     Foster a better relationship with my Coach

My Coach and I already have a good relationship, I have known him for almost 7 years. However, one of my overall goals this year is to consciously work on the important relationships in my life. I want to better our communication on and off the track.

8.     Consistently run 13secs in the 100m hurdles

Although I won't be focusing solely on the short hurdles this season, I know I have the ability to run sub 14 secs in the 100m hurdles more often. The 400m hurdle strength can be beneficial to the 100m hurdles so I think I can run mid or even low 13s; consistency is my goal.

9.     Make more friends through the sport

The goal is simple, I want to make more meaningful connections through the sport.

10. Consciously make Track my priority

With modeling taking off and still working a retail job, there will be times where it's easy to slack up on running. I want to make sure I consciously make the effort to keep track and field my priority.

I wanted to share my 2017 running goals with you all, realistically and honestly, hope you enjoyed. Don't forget to check out my 2017 Modeling Goals.


What is one of your 2017 Goals? Comment down below!