10 Modeling Goals for 2017

2016 has been such an amazing year in my professional life. I want to thank everyone who has supported me this year because you all have been a crucial part of my 2016 success. I think i'm going to make sharing my yearly goals a tradition here on my blog. So what a better way to bring in the New Year then to share my 2017 modeling goals. Have a read and share one of your goals of 2017 in the comments.


1.     Work consistently  

This past year I signed with a new agency and these 4 months with SLU have been amazing. I have been far busier than I ever was in the previous year, and have gotten to be apart of so many amazing opportunities in such a small time (Asics, Fitbit, etc.). In 2017 I want to work even more and consistently. 3 work filled weeks out of every month is the goal. 

2.     Shameless Promotion

This was on my list last year and I want to dive even deeper with this. I want to go even harder with promoting my endeavors via social media and everyday life. I want to shamelessly promote with purpose and intent. Like I said, I am my own business after all. Once again, thanks Shameless Maya for the inspiration.

3.     Get back into more Beauty and Fashion Modeling

Last year, I wanted to get into fitness modeling, and boy did I! I had no idea just how successful I'd be in that area in 2016, God really showed me. Fitness modeling became my main focus of 2016 but my work in beauty in fashion modeling slowed down. I want to be successful in those three areas so I will put effort to reintegrate fashion and beauty back into my career.

4.     Become a Full Time Model

Currently, I have a part-time retail job, not out of necessity but more as back up revenue. Which I personally think is a smart thing to do with the uncertain nature of this industry. However, I want to work enough to be able to completely survive on my income from modeling (as well as track and field.) I plan to always have some other revenue of income but ultimately I want my modeling income to reflect that of a successful full time working model.

5.     Move to LA

Right now I live the Northern San Diego County which is about 1:30-2hrs away from most of my modeling work in Los Angeles. I don't mind the driving back and forth, but I feel it would be beneficial to my career to be in LA. I wouldn't be as limited as far as going to castings, networking would be more abundant, and more opportunities would arise. 

6.     Be in a nationally televised commercial 

In 2016 I was blessed to be a part of a Adidas commercial that will be circulated online only in 2017. No doubt that commercial will reach so many more people, but in 2017 I want to be apart of a televised commercial, where I am in a major role. There is something about being on TV that screams "Mama I made it!"

7.     Post more modeling related blog content 

This blog, formerly known as Running to Runway, was created to give insight to the modeling (and running) world. I have not been posting consistently enough for this blog to be fruitful. This blog is something that I find could be valuable for other models, so I want to consistently post more (at minimum two times a month) and make content I am proud of.

8.     Travel for work

Circumstance make it that I have yet to travel for work. There have been so many close opportunities to travel for modeling jobs, but not quite. I want to travel, in a plane, for work.

9.     Foster better relationships with my agencies

It's not that I am in bad standing with my main agency or my mother agency, but I want to have a better relationship with them both. I am blessed to be apart of two great agencies with amazing staff. So in 2017 I want to make an effort to pop into my agencies more often and have a more authentic connection with them. They are technically my business partners after all.

10. Have more fun

2016 has been a year full of grinding and growth, i've had so many unbelievable experiences. Similar to last year, in 2017 I want that to multiply the abundance of happiness and have even more fun with my job. I plan to work harder than ever this year but I don't want to lose the fun in what I do.

Again, I want to make this a yearly list, because it is important for me to put my goals out there so I have a marker of accomplishments at the end of 2017. Hope you all enjoyed this and Check out my 2017 Running Goals!


What is one of your 2017 Goals? Comment down below!