My First Fashion Photoshoot! (blogpost)

So after a couple weeks of research, last Sunday I finally shot with a fashion photographer. I had been looking for a good fashion photographer to capture the first ever fashion look to put in my portfolio. I ended up shooting with JM Dayao, a wonderful photographer, who was so kind, calm, and easy to work with.

The week and 1/2 before the shoot I really had to research what to wear. For this shoot I decided to style myself because, simply put, I couldn't afford to pay for a stylist. Keep in mind, when test shooting for your portfolio you will have to pay for photoshoots. Some will cost more than others, some may include makeup, hair and styling in the price, some may not.

It is very important to understand that you get what you pay for. However, don't feel pressure to drop a grand when you are just starting out. If you can, find alternatives ways to get your desired look. That is what I did here, I spent hours looking for inspiration and styling stuff in my closet and after all I am very happy with my choices, my wallet thanked me as well.

The shoot went so well. I had never done the type of high fashion, awkward, fluid and fast past posing that fashion photography demands. Once I got to the second look I felt like I got into a grove and I truly love the images I got from this. 

I also did my hair for this shoot as well. I went with the straight hair look because I wanted that versatility in my portfolio. I did my makeup before I went because I didn't think there would be a MUA there (thankfully there was one and she was awesome). 

Overall, I am so happy with these photos and now I have to choose 5 images, yes just 5, that the photographer will edit and send to me. So because I only get 5 I am gong over with my agents and choosing them carefully (I will share at a later date).

Alright, well that is my recap of this shoot and here are some behind the scenes images for you all to enjoy. STAY TUNED because soon I will post my Oh so You're a Model?! video of this shoot, it is a fun come along video.

Thank you all for reading!

- Amber