Recap: 1st Day back on the Track

Nothing is like that first day of track practice. Every year I get all giddy about my first day of practice, without fail. The butterflies fill my stomach and I can't wait to see my track family.

Exactly a week ago was my first day back of the 2015-16 season, and of course I was excited. I have been especially excited this year because this year is Olympic year. So this first day back had OFFICIALLY marked the start of the #Roadtorio.

I most definitely want to run in the Olympics this upcoming year. I have so so so much work to do if I have plans to run for USA in RIO 2016, however I know it is not impossible and I am willing to work hard.

This year I plan on making great improvements, as well as taking the 400m hurdles head on and seeing what that has in store for me as far as this season goes.

This first day at practice was a great way to get the ball rolling. I had already been doing strength and conditioning training all summer prior to this day, but nothing shocks your body like more uptempo running.

The workout that day did leave me sore, but that was to be expected. I was using muscles I hadn't in a while after all. My coach eased me in my first week back, as he should, to assess where I am at physically and what I could handle.

Here was the full workout for that day: 

  1. Warm up

  2. Stretch/Dril

  3. Hurdle Mobility Drills: Which include walk/skip/run drills for you lead and trail leg

  4. 2x150 with 100 meter walks in between the 150s

That was it, a simple 1st day back (How lucky was I). I felt good and quite relaxed running, this is not usually how I am on day 1 . Notably, my huddle drill were sharp! This is great for day 1, sometimes the time off can cause you to be a little rusty, but I felt great.

Most importantly I was lucky to be able to be back around my track and field family, that is what I missed the most being in the off season.

Great weather, the track fam and a good run were everything I could have hoped for on my 1st day of one of the most important seasons of my track career. I am very thankful and will continue to share my #RoadtoRio2016 with you all.

- Amber Rosario