This isn't high school anymore!


Being the very observant person that I am, I've noticed in my years of college and post-college track and field that it seems very easy for people to hold on to the "glory days" of high school track and field.

This may seem harmless at first but the reality is, this isn't high school anymore. Holding, on to the good old days of high school, where coaching is more relaxed, your body can bounce back quicker and you don't have to put in much work, is a quick way to set yourself up for disappointment. 


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When you get into college/professional track, practice becomes a heck of a lot harder. There isn't always someone there to walk you through practice and you are expected to perform while being there 100% for your team.

The days of lolly gaging and waisting time at practice lean towards a full stop, or else you will be left with high school types of results.

I am writing this because I wan't to forewarn anyone who doesn't get how serious that transition will be, or who are still mentally trying to transition. It is much like going from high school to college to post college on the academic side, more will be required from you and independence welcomes you will open arms. And for some that is a tough pill to swallow.

This isn't meant to frighten anyone away from running post high school. I love running more after high school. This is where I made some of my fondest memories! The amount of fun you can have is unparalleled.

However, this only comes after you accept the change. Because this will no doubt be different.

  1. You will not automatically be the best athlete anymore, literally someone will always be better than you (somewhere).

  2. 1st place becomes an after thought. The focus turns to improving your personal time, because your only real opponent is yourself.

  3. Team Points??? WHAT ARE THOOOSEEE.

  4. You will hone your craft.

  5. Workouts will become exponentially harder!

  6. Travel! You will get to see some really cool places and people.

  7. Independence will become second nature.

  8. No one will care about what you did in high school

These are just a few things that will change after high school. Don't be afraid, welcome the change because you will only grow from it and advance as an athlete!


To all my track-letes who have ran track past high school, what was the biggest change for you?