Hello Everyone,

I am Amber Rosario. I am a model, runner, aspiring entrepreneur, optimist, foodie, ambivert, creative, photographer (occasionally). To simplify it,  I am a 26 yo San Diego native, who happens to have a lot of interest and ideas.

This blog is something I wish I had when I was younger. What I had in mind while creating this blog was to provide uncommon insight into the world of a Professional Model and Runner. I really wanted to create a space with useful information and tips for new/curious models and runners, while also sharing my personal experience as I navigate through both worlds. You can expect everything from youtube videos to standard blogposts and even vocabulary words.

Overall, I want my blog to be a place were people can come for inspiration. I am trying to live my life authentically and give my dreams a chance and I hope people can take something away from that.

- Amber